About SRI Straight Pro

The SRI Straight Pro was created by the Skin Research Institute with your best hair in mind. Developed and crafted using high-quality parts and cutting edge ionic technology, our hair straightener can help you achieve your desired look without causing unwanted damage to your hair. In fact, our infrared negative ion technology can help improve your hair’s overall texture and health.

...Fall In Love with your hair’s natural texture and style…

...Naturally bouncy curls, gentle waves, or Sleek Pin-Straight Hair...

... Effortlessly Change Up Your Looks without damaging your hair...

...Give your luscious locks A Personality Of Their Own.

SRI Straight Pro’s goal is to provide Salon Quality Hair with a sleek and glossy finish. With its solid ceramic plates, our straightener glides through even the most stubborn of curls with ease - no tugging, pulling, or snarling - resulting in luxuriously smooth and soft hair. Our ionic technology neutralizes positive ions present in your hair, erasing all signs of static and frizz. With its sleek 1.25” frame and temperature control settings, you can master any daytime or evening look without difficulty, regardless of your hair’s temperament.

Versatility is key, and being able to achieve salon-quality styles at home is priceless. Find out more detailed information on our Technology Page.

SRI Straight Pro just became your new best friend for all of your styling needs


SRI Straight Pro

No More Bad Hair Days. No Hassle. Just Your Perfect Look.

About The Skin Research Institute

The SRI Straight Pro is made by Skin Research Institute, a BBB-accredited business based in the USA. They are a team of research scientists and beauty experts who seek to advance the science of chemical-free cosmetics and provide customers with safer, more effective beauty solutions. They believe your skin and hair deserve to be treated with respect, so they are committed to using only the safest ingredients in their beauty line. Thus, they provide high-quality products that live up to their reputation, and to your expectations. They use all of the latest breakthroughs in skin and hair research to figure out what actually works and what doesn’t. Then, they make it available to you and thrive on your success.

About The Free 10-Year Warranty Policy

The Skin Research Institute focuses on your success. We want you to feel sexy and confident. We want you to discover our amazing beauty line without hassle, without worries.

We stand behind our product so much that we always offer a full 60-day, no questions asked money-back guarantee. If ever you were not 150% satisfied with your new SRI Straight Pro, send it back to us for a full refund, no questions asked.

But our commitment to you doesn’t end there. Because we take so much pride in the high quality of our line, we offer a full 10-year warranty on all SRI Straight Pro’s parts. If your hair straightener fails you within the first 10 years of owning it, we’ll replace it. You won’t find a similar warranty anywhere else. Especially not for free!

We are more than confident SRI Straight Pro is the best hair straightener on the market today. And we intend to prove it to you. With every use.

Because, when you look good, you feel good. And so do we.