Frequently Ask Questions

SRI Straight Pro is a hair straightener with Ceramic Plates and Ionic Technology. It will help you achieve Salon Quality Straight Hair or Curls from the comfort of your home.

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To put it simply - our straightener has your best hair in mind. Our expertly crafted design with solid ceramic plates effortlessly straightens hair without snagging, pulling, or tugging. The plates allow the straightener to heat up quickly without leaving hair dry or damaged.

Our infrared negative ion technology ensures a flawless and glossy salon finish to your look without added static or fly-aways.

Visit our Technology Page for more detailed information.

All hair types are welcome. From the tightest of curls to the sleekest of locks, our straightener is suitable for all hair personalities. Our expertly crafted product and temperature control settings allow you to achieve any and every look.

Amongst the leaders in Skincare research, the Skin Research Institute is committed to the science of making you look young and radiant without the use of toxic chemicals, invasive injections or surgeries.

The company’s Harvard educated director and his team of scientists and skincare professionals use the latest breakthroughs in skin research to develop formulas on the forefront of the Anti-Aging technologies.

Part of the Skin Research Institute, mission statement is to “make you look young and radiant.” We believe improving your hair texture and quality can help achieve that goal. That’s why we developed RenewGlow, and that’s why we now offer SRI Straight Pro. Because we thrive in helping you feel confident and sexy.

Our ceramic plates have a small suspension system: they adjust to compress your hair while styling. This cushion releases pressure and allows every pass to glide smoothly without tugging or pulling. Yet, take your time. Distribute only a small amount of hair evenly on the iron's surface. Move SRI Straight Pro slowly and steadily.

Straighten: Begin your first pass 1-2 inches from your scalp. You can move closer to your scalp if you go for a second pass.

Curls or waves: Close SRI Straight Pro over your hair where you want the wave to begin. Rotate your hair straightener 180 degrees. Keeping it tightly close, slowly pull the iron through your hair all the way through the ends. Gently rotate clockwise all the way. SRI Straight Pro’s round-edged design will prevent bend and demarcation lines in your hair.

It depends on the style you’re going for and the length/volume of your hair. Yet, our solid ceramic plates and negative ion technology will make straightening your hair is easy and fast. It won’t add any extra time to your already busy morning routine. One run of the SRI Straight Pro through your hair could give you silky smooth strands. So you’d be ready in just minutes.

Yes. Our temperature control settings — in addition to the ceramic plates — mean you are in full control of how much heat you use on your hair. Do you have stubborn curls that require more heat to straighten? Or is your hair colored and you need a lower heat setting to prevent further damage? Chose the temperature that will best fit your hair so it stays healthy and beautiful.

Whether you use hair spray, gel, or any sort of heat protection serum is up to you — you know your hair best. The SRI Straight Pro can straighten and curl your hair with ease. Yet, you can use some sort of finishing product if you need it to achieve your perfect look.

Volume arises from your follicles, where your hair is actually formed. SRI Straight Pro can’t alter your follicles, but it will improve the overall texture of your hair. A smooth run through of the ceramic plates will remove frizz and electrostatics.

To help keep your hair looking full and bouncy, we recommend avoiding heavy shampoos and conditioners, along with using the smallest amount of hair products possible while styling. These steps combined with regular use of the SRI Straight Pro will result in your desired look- guaranteed. You’ll suddenly discover a volume you never thought achievable. For even more elegant hair and skin, check our hair beautifying supplement RenewGlow. It’ll help your hair grow stronger and faster.

Cleaning your SRI Straight Pro is a breeze. Wipe down its ceramic plates with a soft cloth once a week, or as often as needed. If you use any sort hair product prior to straightening or styling and you notice a build-up on the ceramic plates, wet a soft cloth and wipe gently.

You can travel with SRI Straight Pro, yet, always make sure you are aware of its safely requirements. SRI Straight Pro is manufactured within the USA.

It requires dual voltage 110-240V (50/60Hz) to function properly. If you use a plug adapter, check that SRI Straight Pro will receive the accurate power supply.

Use away from water and do not touch the ceramic plates while they’re hot. They cool down within minutes after the power is cut. If you follow these directions, you can travel with SRI Straight Pro and always look your best.

Yes. SRI Straight Pro was built with a 60-minute automatic shutoff. It doesn’t mean you should leave it on, but, if you forget to turn it off, it will automatically shut off after a period of non-use.

We are confident that you’ll love SRI Straight Pro. So confident, in fact, that give you 60 days to try it for free. You love it? Awesome! Just keep it and use it as often as you want. But if you find yourself dissatisfied in any way, you can return the straightener for a full refund. No questions asked. For 60 full days.

Is your SRI Straight Pro or one of its parts not working? We offer refunds or replacements for these technical issues. Please reach out to our customer service department. We’d be more than happy to assist you. Our success relies on your satisfaction.

As a product of Skin Research Institute, SRI Straight Pro is registered with the Better Business Bureau. You can take a look at our profile on the BBB website.

Yes. Your order will be shipped out within 24 hours, Monday to Friday. Your tracking number will be emailed to you as soon as SRI Straight Pro is shipped out.

If you have any additional questions that weren’t answered here, or if you prefer to place your order over the phone rather than online, feel free to give us a call at: (800) 958-1094. We’re also available by email at: or through our Contact Page.

Our customer service is located in Los Angeles, California. One of our customer representatives will be happy to talk to you, in English, and answer all your questions.